What's Cooking

Here’s what’s cooking with me: We left for the cabin on Tuesday right after I took a cooking class at my local cooking school. How cool is that? I’ve got a cooking school within walking distance of my house.

This is the second class I’ve had with Phillis Carey. She’s a great cook and teacher—what a combo! She taught the soup class last spring that I loved. She always has wonderful new gadgets to talk about and easy/helpful tips. Her website, www.philliscarey.com, lists upcoming classes and posts recipes.

Tuesday’s class was: “Quick and Easy Lunch—Mediterranean Summer Style.” The lesson and luncheon featured chicken with fennel-paprika spice rub with a caper, olive, and tomato salad; orzo with fresh thyme, grilled corn, zucchini and feta cheese; and blueberry turnovers with lemon curd cream. Yum-O.

The photo is of the cooking class.

Here’s the info for Great News:

Great News!
Pacific Plaza
1788 Garnet Avenue
Diego, CA 92109
(858) 270-1582

I’m ready to sign up for another class asap! I promised myself I would take another one this summer.