Author Visits

I found a treasure of a blog about children's book authors who visit schools at It's children's book author Kim Norman's blog. The authors are listed by state with a link to their website. How helpful is that! I appreciate her listing me. There's a long, long list of Californians, but I'm happy to be among them.

Thanks Kim! Here's Kim's website:

And, be sure to visit her blog at:

School Visits

I was just thinking that I haven’t given a big shout out on my blog for “School Visits!” And, yes . . . I love to visit schools and talk with students about writing.

I’ve been been a teacher, media specialist, and a coordinator of library media services. I have a doctorate from Northern Arizona University. Now I am a writer and traveler. I’d love to visit your school or library. E-mail me at and let’s talk.

My nonfiction books are bi-level with four line rhymes for younger students and expository text that explores the concept for older students. This format makes my books accessible and interesting to a wide range of readers and they spark creativity in students to explore their own writing using the ABC format.

Alphabet books provide students with a model for writing their own books individually or as a class. The format can be adapted for every grade level or subject area. A first grade class visited me recently at the San Diego County Office of Education/Greater San Diego Reading Association’s Authors’ Fair. They wrote “G is for Games: A Playful Alphabet” featuring all the ways they enjoy playing. It was adorable and the students loved the topic and were thrilled with their final writing project. Other popular topics include writing an ABC book of their classroom, school, or town.

Teacher Activity Guides for each of my books are available for a free download at (I didn’t create the activity guides, but there are some fine activities.)

So, if you are thinking about a children’s book author visiting your school this year or for the 2009-2010 school year, think of me. I’d love to participate.

Book Signing at Grand Canyon

Thanks to the wonderful Grand Canyon Association, I was able to participate in a book signing of S IS FOR S'MORES: A CAMPING ALPHABET at the Yavapai Observation Station. I signed a book for three-month-old Sabrina. Her mother and grandmother confirmed that it was her first autographed book. How cool is that? I also met a teacher who bought S'MORES and happily announced "Instant Lesson!" I met lots of great people including three families from San Diego. Can you say "Small World?"

I had a lovely time visiting the Grand Canyon, signing my books, and I had a super visit with first graders at the Grand Canyon Community Library. Thanks Mindy!

I'm already planning next year's visit!