Children's Museums

Sometimes you just get a great surprise e-mail. I just heard the National Children’s Museum will be using the cover and a description of S IS FOR S’MORES in their “Family Literacy Projects on a Budget: Trainer’s Toolkit.”

This is especially exciting news for me. I was a Founding Friend of the Children’s Museum of San Diego over 25 years ago. How fun my book can now be named in a children’s museum publication. Just WOW.

The National Children’s Museum website is:

Cozy as Spring

I found this lovely entry on a "Cozy as Spring" blog in the "New Picture Books" entry. Doesn't "Cozy as Spring" sound inviting?

"I recently ordered S Is for S'mores: A Camping Alphabet (Sleeping Bear Alphabets) for my children. I love the layout of these books - the main text is suitable for all ages and older children can peruse the side sections for additional details. There really is a lot of good camping advice included. I immediately liked this take on the alphabet book because it so fit with all our camping experiences. It's beautifully illustrated as well. A hit all around."

—from Cozy as Spring blog

Thank you for the kind words "Cozy"!

As for me, I've just finished reading hundreds of books. (More about that later!) And, now I'm headed for some camping time.

Happy Trails to You!