The Sorta Sisters

“What if your best friend was
someone you’d never met?
And what if that best friend
you’d never met wrote you a letter?”

Anna is a foster child who hopes she’s found a permanent home with Miss J. Mica has been living on a small boat with her father. They are never in a place long enough for Mica to make true friends. Mica and Anna begin writing letters to each other and a friendship is started. The book contains illustrations by the author. (Impressive.) Visit to learn more about the author and this fascinating read.

Here are some reviews I got from Adrian’s website:

“Fogelin offers a readable combination of narrative and letters that are infused with details about science, as the girls send seed pods, shells and other specimens to each other. Readers will appreciate the pen-pal friendship and the hopeful ending.” Kirkus

“The lively, third-person narrative alternates between each girl’s perspective, and the frequently inserted letters bring intimacy and depth to the characters. Lovely sepia drawings by the author depict wildlife and the packages that the girls send to each other throughout the novel. A heartfelt story that shows the many factors that create family, friends, and a home.” Booklist

I don’t have a sister, but I wish I did. If I had read this book when I was young, I would have easily tapped into the idea of having a “sorta sister” and I suspect there are many young readers out there who will embrace this book and the joys of a close friendship—a “sorta sisters” friendship.