S'mores Recipe

Here's a basic s'mores recipe.


Graham Crackers
Chocolate Candy Bar (Thin Type)
Marshmallows (Big Type)


A Roasting Stick or Long Fork
A Campfire
An Adult to Help You

1. Get two graham crackers.

2. Put a thin chocolate candy bar on one of the graham crackers.

3. Put a marshmallow on a roasting stick and roast until it's a toasty, golden brown.

4. Slide the marshmallow off the stick and onto the candy bar. (Be careful! The marshmallow will be hot.)

5. Place the other graham cracker on top.

6. Each and say, "Yummy! I wan't s'more!"

From S IS FOR S'MORES: A CAMPING ALPHABET by Helen Foster James (Sleeping Bear Press)