New Children's Museum Resource

The National Children's Museum has a new publication, FAMILY LITERACY PROJECTS ON A BUDGET. I'm thrilled it includes S IS FOR S'MORES: A CAMPING ALPHABET as one of the alphabet titles. I was a founding friend of the Children's Museum of San Diego many years ago so it's a real treat for me to be included in this valuable resource.

The resource "provides educators and families with affordable resources and activities designed to foster literacy at school and in the home. Developed by National Children's Museum education experts, the book teaches school-age educators and family childcare providers to proactively address community literacy with PACT (parent and child together) teaching methods, creative hands-on activities, and inexpensive supplies. This publication offers resources, ideas, helpful tips, and suggestions to develop and present cost-effective literacy activities based on broad themes and familiar subject matter. Emergent reading skills such as identifying everyday objects, storytelling, vocabulary practice, letter recognition, and print and phonological awareness comprise a comprehensive approach to family literacy and are integrated into the book."

It was just released and is available on