Four Kids in 5B and 1 Crazy Year

I participated in San Pasqual School’s Teachers As Readers (TAR) group on Thursday. We read FOUR KIDS IN 5B & 1 CRAZY YEAR by Virginia Frances Schwartz. It's about students and their writing quest. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

“I wish I could sit in my own grandmother's kitchen like the author Cynthia Rylant. No wonder these authors can write. Their grandmothers’ stories fill them up like fresh baked bread.”

“I love how you tell your story You use specific words that make pictures in a reader's head. you write what you know That’s what all good writers do.”

“September is a fresh start. You are like poems still unwritten.”

“I wonder again—how did those words come to me? Will they come again another time?”

“She worked in a hurry as if her pencil was leaking memories about to evaporate.”

“Writing makes you drift and dream and say things you don’t even plan on.”

“I just have to show up with my pencil.”

“Ms hill says writers write about what’s in front of them.”

Book Info:
Holiday House Publisher Hardcover 0-8234-1946-3
Scholastic Canada Ltd. (available only in Canada) -
Paperback 0-439-93568-5
Also available Scholastic Book Clubs US