S'more Reviews

S IS FOR S'MORES: A CAMPING ALPHABET is part of a series with Sleeping Bear Press. Here are some reviews I wanted to share with you.

“Working her way through the alphabet, James uses each letter to highlight a different aspect of the camping experience, including animal tracks, fire safety, navigation and snow shelters. The enthusiastic approach and diverse information will excite children about camping and help them feel comfortable whether they find themselves sleeping in the backyard or the backcountry.”
—Blake Anderson, ALASKA AIRLINES in-flight magazine

Wilderness Camping from A to Z

“Did you know that the first female park rangers were hired in 1918, and were called “Rangerettes”? Or that a camping shelter built of snow is called a “quinzhee”?

You can find these fun facts and other camping trivia in the new book S IS FOR S’MORES: A CAMPING ALPHABET by Helen Foster James, illustrated by Lita Judge (Sleeping Bear Press, 2007; $17.95). James, an avid camper, WILLA Literary Award Finalist, and National Parenting Publications Awards judge, weaves a tapestry of camping fun that will get kids excited about hitting the trails.

Emphasizing respect for the environment and the beauty of nature, S IS FOR S’MORES breaks down camping topics alphabetically and accompanies each topic with an explanation or instructions—for example, a short essay on national parks or a list of essential camping gear. There are even a couple of essential recipes for s’mores and trail mix included at the end of the book. While this is an alphabet book, the language and facts will engage children as old as 10.”
—Dana Morgenstein, BAY AREA PARENT

“For some people, nothing says summer like a camping trip. This nicely illustrated book covers everything about camping, from A is for adventure, to Z is for zipper—as in the zipper on a tent or sleeping bag. In between is a wealth of information—snippets about the attractions at various national parks and recreational areas, a discussion about the different gear needed for camping and what to carry in case of emergency, food that’s fun to cook and eat outdoors, and of course, a reminder on how to prepare that quintessential camp food, s’mores. The oil paintings, mostly of children enjoying the outdoors, might even inspire you to break out the old backpack and stir up some trail mix.”