States of Mind

I met Brad Herzog ( at the California Reading Association’s state conference last November and met up with him again at the Kern Reading Association’s Young Authors’ Fair. He’s the author of several sports alphabet books from Sleeping Bear Press ( and two travel books.

I was interested in reading his travel books and this weekend, that’s what I did. I read and savored STATES OF MIND. Brad and his wife Amy packed up their life and Winnebago and hit the road to visit 18 towns with virtuous names like Unity, Harmony, Freedom, and Faith. Brad’s journey is an insightful look at small town America and readers go along for the ride viewing a town’s history and seeing how well the town mirrors the meaning of its name.

I frequently read a book and think, “Why didn’t I think of that?” But, this book I also asked, Why didn’t [or don’t!] I go on that journey? I love traveling the backroads of San Diego and wonder how I would enjoy a similar journey across America. Makes me want to pack my bags and hit the road.