Armando and the Blue Tarp School

Today I had the happy opportunity to have a delicious Thai lunch with my friends Judith Josephson and Edith Hope Fine. (I like for them to call me Helen-ith so I can be part of the -ith group.) We’re working together on an article for the summer issue of the California Reader, the journal of the California Reading Association.

Sometimes Edith and Judith are known as the "Grammar Patrol" for their books Nitty Gritty Grammar and More Nitty Gritty Grammar. They have written books together and individually. Their newest book, Armando and the Blue Tarp School (published by Lee & Low), is an inspiring literacy story and will be featured on the cover of the California Reader. I hope you'll visit their websites to learn more about them at,,, and (How’s that for lots of terrific literacy information?)